Digb for LLCs

Digb is the most trusted real estate tax software in the industry. Use Digb to track ownership, seamlessly and accurately reconcile and file real estate taxes.
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Track ownership and collaborate

Partners that have invested in an LLC can now seamlessly manage their ownership, tax basis, and the LLCs investment portfolio on Digb. Simplify managing your LLC during the year and at tax time.

Instantly generate tax reports

Automatically generate tax reports based on your transactions. You'll get full access to IRS Schedule K-1, IRS Form 8825 (LLC), Transaction History CSV, and Depreciation Schedule CSV.

Link a financial account to track income & expenses

Digb links to your bank or credit card to scan 12 months of past purchases, automatically categorize them, and suggest tax write-offs you might have missed. You can use our self-service or advisor plan, it's up to you.

Accurate and dynamic reports give you (and your CPA) better visibility

Reports (e.g. ownership, income statement, balance sheet) give you visibility for your current tax liability. Use this information to optimize your taxes during the year - avoid surprises & penalties at tax time..


We're serious about security.

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